Creating a social network Splayn, we tried to make a comfortable and intuitive interface. However, if you have questions or any problems running in Splayn please read this guide. We hope it will be useful for you!

How to sign up
You can see a button “Sign up” n the main page of the site ( Please click on it and you’ll see the form for your registration. The more fields you fill in, the more complete resume you will get. We recommend you to write your honors and your degrees in the field which is called “Additional information”. We also recommend to point the address of your personal page in other social networks in the field which is called “Site”.  It may help the other users outside of the Splayn to get in contact with you. However, the minimum necessary to fill out are only those fields that are marked with an asterisk. There are “Name”, “Surname”, “E-mail” and a password with the verification. You must also check the box to agree to Terms of use. Please indicate the genuine data when you will write your e-mail as well as your name and a surname. If you indicate e-mail which does not belong to you or e-mail which does not exist, you won’t sign in because the link with the authorization will be send to that e-mail address which you have specified.
After the registration you can edit the information about you in any moment when you want to. You can download your new photo for your avatar and change other your data as well as your password.

How to enter your personal page
You can see the button “Enter” at the top to the right of the main page of Splayn, near the audio player line. Please click on it and enter your login (your e-mail address) and password in the provided fields.
If the cookies is not blocked in your browser  (what means that browser remembers your login and a password), then you don’t have to print your login and a password when you enter the site. In this case, you will see the icon with a little man and an arrow on the place of the “Enter” button. Please click on it and you will get into your personal page.

How to add a music record
Please choose the part “Musical records” from a vertical menu on the left from your personal information  to add a musical record.  Then you will see compositions which you have added, and on the right of the top you will see “Add musical record” button. Please click on it and the form for adding of musical record will be shown to you. First you should download a file with a musical record (audio and video).  By now the site supports audio tracks in MP3 format and video tracks in MOV (iPhone), MP4, AVI, WMV, DivX and XviD. The file size should not exceed 100 Mb. We advice you not to upload a record which contains several parts (for example, the entire recital). It would be better to divide it into separate files. That will be more convenient for listeners and more effective for the rating increase. You will get 5 points for each record no matter how long lasts this record.
When you upload a file with a musical record, we recommend you also to upload a cover (a picture like avatar) for this record.  It may be a cover of an album, a photo shot from your performance or just your picture. Musical records with covers look more attractive on a page. At this time the site supports pictures in .jpg, .gif and .png formats. The size of the cover should not exceed 5 Mb.
After you upload a cover you should fill out the form below. First of all please check put the mark /marks  for choosing “You are composer” or “You are performer”. In Splayn you can upload only those records in which you are either a creator or a performer.  If you just like someone else’s composition, you may not upload it to your personal page. It is serious violation of the Splayn rules as well as the international laws. If that will occur, the site moderators  will have to react in the strictest way.
When you have specified who you are on the record, please put a mark on “Composer” or “Performer” fields and also please write other authors of the record if they exist. You should write your co-authors or other musicians who had taken part in this performance. If you have put the mark into “You are composer”, don’t write your name in “Composer” field because it automatically will have already been placed in information about the record. However, don’t forget to write there names of your associates who you worked on this record with you (for example, your concertmaster or partners in the ensemble).
If you don’t want other users could download your musical record, please tick off  “To prohibit downloading”. Then users can listen to your record only online. However, remember that each downloading of your record will positively effect on your rating.
After you have filled out the form, please press the button “Add a musical record” below the page. When you press on “Musical records” button on the left on your page, you will see the record which you have just added.

How to add an announcement of the performance
When you are in your personal page, please press “Events” on the left of the page. On the right you will see “Add an event” button. Please click on it and fill out a given form. Then choose the picture of the event (requests are the same as for a cover of a musical record). Please note that fields with the information about details of the event should be filled out according to given form. On the right of “Date of event” and “Time of event” fields there is a prompt which help to fill out these fields correctly. This function serves  to sort performance according to a date. So, the system will send your past performances to “Archive of events”.
You can also add your past concerts in the same way as future performances. If you fill out correctly “Date of event” and “Time for the event”, the system will determine automatically that it is a past performance.

How to add a note to your blog
Please click on your personal page to add a note to your blog and please fill out the form “To add a note to blog”. The field which is called “Tags” helps you to find notes with specific topics. For example, if you want to write a post about your performances in other cities and countries, you can add a tag “Concert tour”. After this, it will be enough just to click on this tag to see all posts concerned to this topic.
If you want your post could be seen only by your friends, please click on “Available for friends”. Now only your friends can see your post, so it will not appear on the main page of the site.

How to write a review or a comment
If you want to write a review for an event which is not related to Splayn, you can use your personal blog for this.  Such reviews are taken into account in the rating system as a usual note in blog. If you want to write a review on a record of one of the Splayn users, please click on the page of this record and scroll down until you see the form for adding of a comment. You will see a “Reviews” button. After clicking  on it you will see the window for a review. When you finish to write a review, please indicate what type of reviews is it. You can choose  a “Positive review” or a “Negative review”. You can also choose a regular (neutral) review which is called a “Review”. A positive review will increase the rating of that record and the rating of that person. A neutral review will increase the rating a little bit while a negative review will make it lower. When you have chosen a type of a review, please click “Publish”. Now your review will be placed under that record and also will appear on the “Recent reviews” page. You can click on “Recent reviews” on the main page of the site on the right below the page and you will get this page.
When you want to add a comment, you should make the same actions as when you want to add a review, but you should only choose “Comments” button above the form of adding comments.

What is the Splayn rating and where can I look at it
Every Splayn user as well as every musical record have a rating. This rating is formed by the amount of listening and downloading  actions. The rating is also formed by comments and reviews of other users. A user rating is formed from the overall rating of his musical records and their amounts, from a number of reviews which this user wrote and also from notes in his blog.

How to add other user to your friend list
Please enter the page of the user which you would add to a friends list. On the left, in the menu you will see a button “Add to friends”. Please click on it and wait for a confirmation from the user that you are friends with him. If you don’t see “Add to friend” button it means that the user is already in your friend list or you didn’t enter into your account. Please enter into your account and then click again on the page of that user who you want to add in your friend list.

How to edit or delete a something what I have already published
You can edit any information or a text, which you have published on Splayn. For doing this please enter into your account and open the page with that information / a record / note which you would like to edit. Then move the cursor to it. On the right you will see a small rectangle with two symbols. One is with a basket and another is with a sheet and a pen. If you want to edit a record please click on a sheet with a pen. If you want to delete a record please click on a basket. Attention! You can’t restore the record which was already deleted. You will have an opportunity only to rewrite and upload it again. Before the removal of the record, the system do not ask a confirmation, so be careful and attentive not to click on a basket accidentally.

Other questions and problems
If you have read all of the above, but you have not still resolved  your problem, or if you have some questions to the creators of the site, please write to We will try to help you. Please make the most detailed description of the problem. Also please make a screenshot of the page where you have found  a mistake. In Windows you can make a screenshot of the page using PrtScr key. After this step please put the screenshot in any photo editor (for example, in Paint). In Mac OS X you can make a screenshot of the page by using Cmd+Shift+ 4 + click on the window and the screenshot will turn up in your desktop.   
We kindly ask you to treat the possible problems with proper understanding because our site is at present in a test mode.